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Poinciana's Communications Department

Keeping the Residents well informed 

Keeping the residents of Poinciana informed is an important core value that The Association of Poinciana Villages takes very seriously. We keep our residents informed in many ways:

First and foremost, the administrative offices of the Association host an open door policy. This means that any homeowner or resident in Poinciana can come to the office to ask questions, request assistance, or receive help understanding the workings of a homeowners association as large as Poinciana Villages.​ If a resident would like to speak to an individual staff member, they can stop by to see if that staff member is available or schedule an appointment. 


Second, the Poinciana Pioneer is the official newsletter of Poinciana and is used as a formal notification of important information. For example, the Pioneer regularly includes important changes to existing policies, notices for  voting, dates of meetings such as Board of Directors , Community Awareness and Crime Watch. The Poinciana Pioneers is distributed on the 1st  of each month. It is delivered by Sun Publishing distribution department to all 27,000 homes in Poinciana. The Pioneer can be picked up in the lobby of the administration office and the Poinciana Community Center.  In addition, the Pioneer can be read online by clicking HERE to access the virtual edition and is sent every month to everyone signed up for APV Emails.

Third, the email system is set up to keep everyone well informed of everything that is happening in Poinciana. We have over 5,000 subscribers to the email system, but with well over 100,000 we need more of you to sign up so that you are always receiving important information.  This is especially critical when major weather events are announced for our area.  In those cases, we will email out information to keep you safe before and after the storm. 

The Communications Department also keeps social media updated with current events and news. The Association of Poinciana Villages has a Facebook page and an Instagram account. See the links in the footer to view, like, and follow us on social media. 

This department also is in charge of updating this website with changes. If you should ever find a broken link or have a problem with the website, please contact the email address below.






BY PHONE: 863-427-0900 EXT 107 


You can find electronic versions of the Poinciana Pioneer on our digital  library page on this website or by clicking on the icon below.

Our Many ways to stay informed
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The Design Control Board

2190 Marigold Ave.,  Poinciana, FL 34759
863-427-0900 ext 609
What is the purpose of the Design Control Board ?

The Design Control Board consists of  a board of Poinciana homeowners who volunteer their time to meet

twice every month to discuss applications and possible changes in allowable designs. This department is an important part of keeping your property values as high as possible while allowing homeowners to express their own individuality. This balance of control prevents unsightly buildings, fences, etc. from being built, while keeping a wide range of house colors that compliment each other in the neighborhood. The meetings are open to homeowners and are held in the APV Administration Office at 401 Walnut Street, Poinciana FL 34759. For questions or to obtain the date and time of the next meeting, please call 863-427-0900 ext. 609

Neglecting to apply for a permit will result in a violation and the possible request to remove unapproved project. 

When is it Necessary to request a permit? 

The general rule is that you should request a permit whenever you are changing anything to the exterior of your home. With the exception of general landscaping, changes need to be reported to and permitted by the Design Control Board. When in doubt if a permit is needed you should always call and ask first. You can reach the office by dialing 863-427-0900 ext. 609
The general turn-around time is 20 days from day of request acceptance. 


Poinciana Beautiful Home of the Year 2019 Village 8

Paint Buckets
HomeOwner Forms 2021
design control board SIGNAGE CRITERIA
Design Control Board Approved gazebo designs
Design Control Board Criteria
2022 RESIDENTS permit request FORM

The Community Service Department

2190 Marigold Ave.,  Poinciana, FL 34759
863-427-0900 ext 609
It's Purpose
The Community Service Department is provided to help residents stay within the Deed Restrictions of Poinciana, keeping Poinciana a community the people are proud to call Home
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The Poinciana Community Service Department Has 2 Divisions.

One is the community service officers who patrol the streets and roads of Poinciana making certain that the Deed of Restrictions is being honored. The officers are not allowed to enter your property. They stay in the roadway to do their documentation. If an infraction is seen from the roadway they will take a picture of the infraction and return it to the office. In addition, this division is a main contributor of addresses to properties that meet and exceed  maintenance and are eligible for  a chance to win Home of the Year at our yearly "Poinciana Beautiful Awards."  Often times you will also see the community service vehicle along the roadways picking up litter. Community Service vehicles all have the APV logo and the words "Community Service" on them.

The other division is the office personnel. This staff is on hand to help any resident clear up a violation. Staff also takes reports from residents if they see problems in the community. In addition, they send out letters to residents regarding violations.  It is their mission to assist all residents in a professional and friendly manner.

If ever you have a question regarding the deed of restrictions,
the staff at the community service department are there
to offer their assistance. call 

863-427-0900 ext. 609 or email at

                Public Works Department             

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2200 Marigold Ave. Poinciana Florida 34759
863-427-0900 EXT 201
It's Purpose

The Public Works Department is a dedicated team whose main goal is to maintain and keep Poinciana looking the best that it can be.

The Association of Poinciana Villages' Public Works Department is the largest of the three divisions. These men and women work in some extreme temperatures during the year. They cover 180.85 miles of roadways and maintain 134 miles of versa ditching.
Public Works consists of many departments:

Park Maintenance
Mowing Crew
Drainage Crew
Landscaping and Beautification Team
Maintenance Crew 
Equipment Maintenance Team

             The Estoppel Department        

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Pronounced es·top·pel 
Estoppel is a legal principle that prevents someone from asserting a fact that is contradictory to an already established truth.

Our knowledgeable staff members in the Estoppel Department are here to research and prepare an estoppel when requested. Estoppels are generally ordered by the closing company to safeguard the buyer and the seller.

instructions to request an estoppel
estoppel request form
possible known sub associations within APV 
How to request a certificate of insurance
Contract Review

        Accounting Department             

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Our accounting program is operated through FirstService Residential, but staffed at the APV Administration Office. The Accounting Department is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your account, and to speak with you should you encounter a situation that will cause a late payment. Accounting will do everything possible to assist you in a professional and understanding manner.

The Accounting Department provides a financial presentation at every Board of Director's meeting, informing our Board Members and our homeowners on the association's financial health.  

click pay instructions
The accounting Department is located in the Administration office
401 Walnut Street, Poinciana, FL 34758
Or by phone at 863-427-0900 ext. 600
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The LifeStyles Department

The Anthony DePalma Center
395 Marigold Avenue, Poinciana FL
OPEN 8AM -5PM     M-F
963-427-0900 ext 301
It's Purpose

Lifestyle Programs  are designed to foster family unity, friendships among neighbors and to create memories to be cherished for a lifetime


 APV's LifeStyles Director works to develop activities and events to keep the community connected and active. All activities and events are offered to attend free of charge. For this reason LifeStyles depends on the generosity of area businesses to become sponsors of the community. To learn more about becoming a sponsor of Poinciana click here.

In addition Lifestyles is always looking for members of the Community to  join the Heart of Poinciana Volunteers group. 

Click here for application form.
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