If you have purchased a home in Poinciana, congratulations! 

You are now a member of the largest Homeowners Association in Florida,

and a deed-restricted community.

As a member of the Association, you have certain rights and privileges  not afforded to tenants.


  • To vote in the community elections held every year on the second Tuesday in February.

  • To run for a position on the Board of Directors in the village you reside in.

  • To attend all Board of Directors meetings and any specially called Member Meetings.


Along with these rights you have responsibilities 


  • To pay your yearly assessments in full by the date due

  • To follow the by-laws and covenants of the Association of Poinciana Villages as per your documents . See links below for copies of the documents.

  • If you rent your property, it is your responsibility to advise your tenants of the deed of restrictions and be aware that you as the owner are responsible should they be broken. If a violation should occur you would be sent the notice. 

  • If  you make any changes to your property's exterior you must get permission and consent from the Design Control Board. To see what items fall under this category please see the link below for the criteria set by the board.