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Realtor Support Page

This page is to help realtors to learn more regarding the uniqueness of Our HOA ,The Association of Poinciana Villages and assist in answering listing questions. We ask that Bookmark this page to keep as a future reference

The Basics

Association of Poinciana Villages is commonly known as APV, is the largest HOA in the State of Florida, with 27,000 plus properties. We are not a Condominium HOA. APV is managed by FirstService Residential.

All Estoppels* are done in house not through the management company.

         *See below for instructions and estoppel form at the bottom of the page

Poinciana consists of 8 villages 1 of which is newly  developed. Click icons below for information for village.

  • APV is the Master Association of all of the 8 villages.

  • Although there may be sub-associations within any of the 8 villages they run independently from the Master Association, APV.  Please                         for more information.

  • APV does not fill out questionnaires you will find answers to most frequently asked questionnaire questions below.

  • APV does Estoppels in-house see below for instructions and forms.


  • Is this a condominium association?

    • No​

  • Is the HOA mandatory or voluntary?

    • Mandatory​

  • Is the home part of a master and sub association?

    • If home is within the PUD of Poinciana is a part of APV.

    • APV is not responsible for notification of sub association affiliations.

  • Does the HOA have any pet or animal breed restrictions? If yes, please explain. 

    • 2 pets per household.

    • No breed restrictions​

  • Does the HOA currently allow long-term leases and rentals?

    • Long term leases and rentals are allowed​

    • AirBnB or short term rentals not allowed (see deed of restrictions)

  • Is gate access required to enter the property? If yes, what is the gate Code?

    • APV has no gate access or code

  • What amenities are included?

    • Bulk Internet and Cable is included with HOA assessments​

    • Additional Amenities click here

  • Is there an application or approval that needs to be completed by tenants and / or owners?

    • No application or approval needed for either owners or tenants. We do however request notification of name of tenant on lease. This information can be sent to:
  • Is there currently a rental cap? Has it been met?

    • There is no rental cap​

  • Is there a cap on the number of homes that can be owned by an individual owner? If yes, how many?

    • This is no ownership cap

  • Are there any fees charged to the buyer upon purchase? If yes, how much?

    • will be advised on Estoppel

  • Is there a leasing registration or lease renewal fee? If yes, how much and is this charged per tenant or a one-time fee to the owner?

    • APV is a homeowners association and does not manage rental units.

  • Can you please confirm the HOA Name, Email and Phone Number?

The Association of Poinciana Villages​

401 Walnut Street 

Poinciana, FL 34759



To ensure a timely response to your Estoppel request we ask that you follow the instruction below. 

  • Do not send or cc anyone email that is not on the request form or in the instructions.

  • Inquiries about submitted request needs to directed to same email as request was sent.

  • If you have questions regarding submitting an estoppel please direct to Estoppel Department email.

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