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Preparing for an emergency

As beautiful as our Florida weather is most of the time, for the months between June and November everyone needs to be prepared for the possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes.

The Association of Poinciana Villages encourages all residents to read the information on the links below in order to be prepared before the threat of a hurricane is even announced.

There is not a better feeling, when a storm approaches, than to be able to relax and say "I've got this." 

It is smart to always have trees trimmed and dead trees removed as this is one of the leading causes for damage to property during a storm. Making sure your property is always free of debris, including anything that can become a projectile object, is another great way to stay prepared. 


If you are a winter-only resident, it  is very important that you prepare your home for summer storms before leaving for the summer.

With the exception of securing windows, you can prepare your home completely before you leave. In regard to windows, you can have a neighbor or a maintenance company on standby to secure your home should a threat arise. 

The APV Communications Department is diligent in keeping Poinciana informed and aware before, during and after a storm, through emails containing valuable information and links. We highly encourage you to sign-up for our email service, which you can do on this website, or by texting APV to 42828 to get started.

Below are links that will assist you when there is a possibility of a storm. It is important to always be prepared.


Safety Health and Consumer council


National Hurricane Center


National Weather Service


National Hurricane


Please note that this page will be updated to provide links as they become available.


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