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Community Resources 

Considering that Poinciana encompasses two counties, there are many wonderful resources for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here you will find information on The Association of Poinciana Villages resources, in addition to information on both Osceola and Polk Counties.

The links on this page will take you to important and useful service information. You may wish to keep important phone numbers available for fast reference, such as the Sheriff’s Office and residential water and sewage providers.

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Administration Office
401 Walnut St.
Poinciana, Florida 34758
open Monday thru Friday
8:00 AM until 5:00 PM



Community Service

Ext 609


Design Control 






ext 107



ext. 602

APV Fitness Center
ext 401
The Anthony DePalma Event Center
ext 301 
Poinciana Community Center
ext. 501

Public Works Department
2200 Marigold Ave., Poinciana FL 34759

ext  604

Public Works Department
employs approximately 55 people.
they are responsible for many of the things that we sometimes take for granted. a small list of their responsibilities includes:
  • keeping 75 miles of roadways mowed 
  • cleaning and maintenance of 81 acres of Versa Ditching
  • maintenance of all 10 Poinciana parks
  • keeping all APV landscaping clean and updated as well as taking care of all village berms 
  • maintenance of all APV buildings - interior and exterior
and much more

Paying Your Assessments

Every year Homeowners receive a YEARLY STATEMENT by USPS. The statement will arrive late November to Early December. In this mailing you will find the
  • board approved budget for the upcoming year
  • statement similar to one below
  • Paperwork for prospective candidates for village seats
  • election information 
    • elections held every year on 2nd Tuesday of February
Untitled (11 x 8.5 in) (Poster) (2).png
​paying your assessments
  • You can pay your yearly assessments in full at any time. 
  • If not paid in full the minimum monthly installment MUST be made by the 1st and  before the 15th every month.
  • If you fail to have the monthly installment in the office by 5PM on the 15th of each month a $25.00 Late fee and a one time $25.00 Demand for payment fee ( a one time mailed notice) will be added to your installment on the 16th of each month.
  • At that point, failure to pay will make your account liable for collection action by our attorney, without further notice.
Our easiest and most convenient way to pay is on line using CLICK PAY. Click here for instructions on signing up.
***Please note if your account is with collections your click pay service will be frozen 
The Association of Poinciana Villages
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