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Being a Homeowner in Poinciana

When you purchase a home in Poinciana, you are advised at the closing (or before) that your home is located in a deed-restricted community. A deed-restricted community is one where the community has a homeowners association that has rules and regulations pertaining to the use of land and the appearance of the neighborhood. Usually, it is initiated by the developer. 

The homeowners association in Poinciana is the Association of Poinciana Villages, established in 1972 by the developer Avatar. 

As soon as you sign for your home you agree to become a member of the Association of Poinciana Villages, often referred to as APV. As the members of the association, you agreed to abide by the covenants of the association as laid out in the   Deed of Restriction/Subdivision Declaration , and also the Design Control Documents. 

The Association of Poinciana Villages is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of 9 members (one from each village) that are voted in by the homeowners of each village. Elections are held every year on the 2nd Tuesday in February. When this board is seated they follow the rules and guidelines set forth in the document called the By-Laws.

As a homeowner  and member of the Association of Poinciana Villages you have invested in all that is Poinciana, including its beautiful parks, ball fields, buildings and landscaping. Your investment is paid in the form of annual assessments. A yearly budget is voted on by the Board of Directors in October of each year. This budget is divided equally between every home/property owner in Poinciana. This will become your yearly assessment obligation. Assessments are due on January 1st of every year. There is a 15 day grace period before your assessments are considered past due. The assessment amount due for 2022 is $979.44 per year or $81.62 per month due the first of every month. If paid after the 15th of the Month a $25.00 late fee will be imposed. After the last day of the month your account may be sent to collections without notice. Once account has been sent to collections, you must make payment to collections not to APV, until the account is cleared from collections. In addition No one from APV can speak to you regarding your account after it has been turned over to collections you must contact them with any dispute you may have.  


Notifications and statements are sent once per year in November. Post Office errors are not a cause for non-payment. If you do not receive a statement by December 1 of each year you need to contact the office. Paying Dues in a timely manner is solely the responsibility of the homeowner.

Below you will find links to documents that are important to the members of the Association of Poinciana Villages. Check back here often as documents and statements will be added throughout the year.

Official Documents and Forms
Paying your Assessments
2023 statement final (1)_Page_3.jpg

2023 Annual Statement

HOA Assessments 2023

  • This is an ANNUAL statement.

  • APV does not send monthly statements or reminder notices. 

  • Homeowners are solely responsible to keep their account in good standings. 

  • Assessment can be paid monthly at $83.00 with no finance charges. 
    This monthly amount includes your bulk services.

  • Any amount paid above the monthly amount due will be place in your account.  Your monthly payment of $83.00 will be deducted from this amount  when due. Be certain to always have enough in your account to cover that monthly withdrawl. 

  • Assessments are due the 1st of every month
    If not paid by the 15th of the month a $25.00 late fee and additionsal collection costs will be assessed.

  • If not paid by the last day of the month, your account could be sent to collection without further notice.

  • Once account is in collections APV staff can not speak to you about account. All communication must be through collection attorney.

Pay by Mail

fsr payment address.png

Pay Online

Pay in Person

assessment payment sites.png

Mary Jane Arrington Building open Saturdays and Sundays 9AM-4PM

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