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Design Control Board

What is the purpose of the Design Control Board ?

The Design Control Board consists of Poinciana homeowners who volunteer their time to meet once every month to discuss applications and possible changes in allowable designs. This department is an important part of keeping your property values as high as possible while allowing homeowners to express their own individuality. This balance of control prevents unsightly buildings, fences, etc. from being built, while keeping a wide range of house colors that compliment each other in the neighborhood. The meetings are open to homeowners and are held in the Administration office at 401 Walnut St., Poinciana FL 34759. For questions or to obtain the date and time of the next meeting, please call 863-427-0900 ext. 609

When is it Necessary to request a permit? 

The general rule is that you should request a permit whenever you are changing anything to the exterior of your home. With the exception of general landscaping, changes need to be reported to and permitted by the Design Control Board. When in doubt if a permit is needed you should always call and ask first. You can reach the office by dialing 863-427-0900 ext. 609

HomeOwner Forms
Design Control Board Criteria
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Design Control Board
Approved gazebo designs
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Mary Jane Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center

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Administration Office

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Community Service Department / Design Control Board

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Public Works Department

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Community Communications

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For questions regarding your homeowner account balance – 863-427-0900 between 8 am and 5 pm or 866-378-1009 24 hours 7 days a week.

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