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The Association of Poinciana Villages proudly serves our community during this health crisis and assure all that we are following all guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and our Federal Agencies who are best equipped to guide us out of this pandemic.


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Notice of Cancellation of all Events and Activities 03/13/2020

Notice of Cancellation of Board of Directors April Meeting 03/17/2020

Notice of Closing of APV Non-Essential Buildings 03/18/2020

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Notice from the Osceola Property Appraisers Office 03/24/2020

State of Florida Stay at Home Order 04/02/2020

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Press release from the OSCEOLA SCHOOL DISTRICT 03/30/2020

The following press release has been revised as the Osceola School District has added three new student feeding sites and has extended the feeding time each day beginning on Monday, March 30, 2020. In addition, the Osceola School District has been approved to take advantage of a state waiver that allows parents to pick up food for children without the child being present, as long as parents can produce viable identification for the children.  Also, Lynx will begin offering complimentary rides on their routes for parents and students to get to the stops as close as possible to the feeding sites. The details in red below indicate the new information.


The School District of Osceola County, FL

Dr. Debra Pace, Superintendent


Press Release

March 27, 2020

Contact: Dana Schafer, Public Information Officer - Osceola School District -- 407-870-4007 or 407-908-8811 (cell)


Osceola School District To Provide Students Free Breakfast And Lunch During Extended School Closure


To ensure that students have nutritious meals while away from school, the district's School Nutrition Services Department will provide FREE breakfast and lunch to children 18 years and under during the extended school closure between March 23 through April 15, 2020, at the following sites:


--Michigan Avenue Elementary - 2015 S. Michigan Avenue in St. Cloud

--Lakeview Elementary - 2900 5th Street in St. Cloud

--Ventura Elementary - 275 Waters Edge Drive in Kissimmee

--Denn John Middle - 2001 Denn John Lane in Kissimmee

--Central Avenue Elementary - 500 W. Columbia Avenue in Kissimmee

--Osceola High - 420 S. Thacker Avenue in Kissimmee

--Kissimmee Middle - 2410 Dyer Boulevard in Kissimmee

--Sunrise Elementary - 1925 Ham Brown Road in Kissimmee (Poinciana)

--KOA Elementary - 5000 Koa Street in Kissimmee (Poinciana)

--Deerwood Elementary - 3701 Marigold Avenue in Kissimmee (Poinciana)

--Westside K-8 School - 2551 Westside Boulevard in Kissimmee

--Cameron Preserve

--Narcoossee Middle - 2700 N. Narcoossee Road in St. Cloud

--Liberty High - 4250 Pleasant Hill Road in Kissimmee (Poinciana)

--Holopaw Church


Meals will be available for pickup between 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at each location.  Families can go to school/site nearest them to pick up food even if they do not attend that school. Families will drive up in the bus loops, and they will be handed meals through the vehicle window. Meals can be provided to children not of school age if they are in the group picking up the food.


Effective March 27, 2020, the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services will NOT require students to be present to receive the meals, but parents/guardians should be prepared to provide one of the following documents to receive a meal for each of their child(ren) who are not present: school identification card, child’s passport, government-issued child identification card, or any document proving parent/guardian identity and relationship to the child, such as an adoption decree; doctor, clinic, or hospital record; religious record; or daycare center record. Meals will not be provided without documentation for the child(ren), and meals can still be received when the child is present with an adult.


On Monday, March 30, Lynx will begin offering complimentary transportation to parents and students who ride on their current routes to get to the nearest stop to the feeding sites. Parents must be accompanied by their child to receive the free fare. Parents should inform the driver that they are going to the school for breakfast and/or lunch, and they will not be charged bus fare.

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