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The Association of Poinciana Villages consists of nine villages. Each village has its own five-member board of trustees who are voted in by the members of their village on the second week of February every year. Each village's five-member board elects a president, vice president and secretary treasurer. The president of each village board then sits on the nine-member Master Board of Directors.


The Master Board meets every two months on the second Tuesday starting in February. At these meetings, the directors discuss and vote on briefs, and hear and vote on recommendations submitted by the management company. These meetings are open to any member of the Association of Poinciana Villages. To be a member of the association you must be a deeded property owner in Poinciana, meaning that your name must appear on the deed, and you must pay yearly assessments which are used to operate the community.

A portion of the meeting is assigned for members to speak on agenda items only.

  • Submission of a request to speak must be submitted before the meeting is called to order.

  • Members are allowed to speak for 3 minutes.

  • Members are not allowed to disrupt the meeting or speak other than during the designated time.



The management company that serves Poinciana, under the direction of the Master Board, is FirstService Residential. The General Manager of APV is Mark Maldonado, LCAM. He has an open-door policy for all homeowners in Poinciana at his office in the administration building.

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Elections are held every year on the second tuesday in February 

The 2019

Board of Directors

Village I

Osceola County

Master Board Representative

Betzaida Garcia

Pres.                     Betzaida Garcia
V Pres.                 Eduardo Madrigal
Sec Treas.          Joel Haugh         
dir.                       Felix Gratopp
dir.                       open seat

Points of Interest

Vance Harmon Park

Poinciana Medical Center

Medical offices




Gas Stations

Cypress Woods Community

Stepping Stone Community

President Gary Martin
V President Felix Graytopp
Sec/Treas. Edward Drexel
Trustee Shane Merali
trustee Joel Haugh
Trustee Betzaida Garcia
Trustee Yvonne Roman
trustee Victor Destremps

Village II

Osceola County

 Master Board Representative

 Felix Gratopp

Pres.                       Felix Gratopp  
Vice Pres.             darrell Rodabaugh
Sec./Tres.             Evederys Cruz
dir.                        open seat
dir.                        open seat

Points of Interest

Deerwood Park

Charlie Wheeler Park

Darby Park


Village III

Polk  County

Pres.                        Yvonne Roman
Vice Pres.              Celma Perez
Sec./Tres.              Maria S. Carle
dir.                         Felix Gratopp
dir.                         open seat

 Master Board Representative

 Yvonne Roman

Points of Interest


Poinciana Activity Campus

APV Administration office


Gas Stations

Village IV

Polk  County

 Master Board Representative

Joel Haugh

Pres.                        Joel Haugh
Vice Pres.              Shelly Kaecher
Sec./Tres.               Sonnie Prevatt
dir.                          Nicholas Gluckman
Dir.                          Dan Fitzpatrick

Land to be developed

Village V

Osceola County

Pres.                       Victor Destremps
Vice Pres.             Annette Brown
Sec./Tres.              Rudyard Vyfhuis
dir.                         Angel Perez
dir.                         Luis Montalvo                       

 Master Board Representative

 Victor Destremps

Points of Interest

Andrews Park


Village VII

Polk County

Pres.                       Shane Merali
Vice Pres.             Angel Rodriguez
Sec./Tres.              Felix Gratopp
dir.                         Alexis Desangles
dir.                         Open Seat

 Master Board Representative

 Shane Merali

Points of Interest

Tuscany Preserve

Lake Marion Marina

Poinciana Community Park

Village VIII

Polk  County

Pres.                       Edward  Drexel
Vice Pres.             pablo campos
Sec./Tres.             Felix Gratopp
dir.                         Sonnie Prevatt
dir.                         open seat

 Master Board Representative

Edward Drexel

Village 8 is a rural community enjoying the Beauty that is Poinciana

in its natural state

Village IX

Osceola  County

Pres.                       gary martin
Vice Pres.             anthony gilbert
Sec./Tres.              linda perry
dir.                         john paul quinones
dir.                         darrin payne

 Master Board Representative

Gary Martin

Village 9 is the only village where the construction of modular homes is allowed in Poinciana. This village is residential only. 

Mary Jane Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center

625 Country Club Dr., Poinciana, FL 34758

863-427-0900 ext. 701

Administration Office

401 Walnut St., Poinciana, FL 34759



Recreation and LifeStyles Department

445 Marigold Ave., Poinciana, FL 34759

863-427-0900 ext. 501

Community Service Department / Design Control Board

2190  Marigold Ave., Poinciana, FL 34759

863-427-0900 ext. 609

Public Works Department

2200 Marigold Ave., Poinciana, FL 34759

863-427-0900 ext. 604

Liz Wargo

LifeStyles Director

Trish Moore

Community Communications

Mark Maldonado-Serrano

General Manager LCAM

Eldonia Gonzales

Operations Manager

Diane McGough

Public Works Director

For questions regarding your homeowner account balance – 863-427-0900 between 8 am and 5 pm or 866-378-1009 24 hours 7 days a week.

The Estoppel Department 

Find forms under the ABOUT US  tab and Estoppel

The Association of Poinciana Villages is Professionally Managed by

FirstService Residential Management

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