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March 8, 2019: Poinciana Beautiful Award Winners featured in "Positively Osceola" Publication

Recently, the winners of our annual Poinciana Beautiful awards were featured in a wonderful article in Positively Osceola.  The publication covers stories that are making a positive impact in the community.  

December 15, 2018: Meet FirstService Residential: APV’s Management Company

Many of you may be familiar with FirstService Residential or have heard of their involvement in our community, but you may not know all that the team contributes to our HOA. Since 2013, the Association of Poinciana Villages has contracted FirstService Residential, one of the country’s leading residential property management companies, to manage the daily operations of our homeowners association, under the direct supervision of the APV Board of Directors.


December 1, 2018: APV Announces Creation of New Fining Committee

At the Association of Poinciana Villages, the Board Members, administrative staff and your property management team are continually looking for ways to improve operations.One of the ways we ensure the beauty and enjoyment of our community is by making sure that all of our residents follow the guidelines laid out in the association’s declarations, rules and the Design Control Board Criteria. These documents can be found by clicking HERE.

In the past, violations were identified by Community Service Department (CSD) representatives and multiple violation letters were sent to the homeowners alerting them of the issue. If after receipt of multiple letters the violation was still not corrected, it was then passed on to the association’s attorney for action. This resulted in a significant cost that was absorbed by ALL homeowners.

After careful review and discussion of how to improve the procedure, a resolution was voted on and approved by the APV Master Board of Directors at the August 2018 Master Board Meeting to create a Fining Committee.

January 29,2019 Poinciana Beautiful Awards Gala was a Night to Remember

 On January 26, 2019 the Poinciana Community Center was transformed into a Great Gatsby Gala, celebrating the wonderful homeowners of Poinciana and the huge contribution that they make in keeping Poinciana Beautiful.

When you walked into the Grand Ballroom you immediately felt the pride and the admiration that The Association of Poinciana Villages has for its homeowners that show their love of their homes as well as their community.


02/11/2020 STARTING AT 7 AM TO 7 PM



A message from
Mark Maldonado
LCAM and General Manager

February is such an important month for the Association of Poinciana Villages. This is the month when the members of the Association of Poinciana Villages vote for fellow home and property owners to represent their village and make decisions about the future of Poinciana.

The leadership of our village boards and their decisions for the community will affect everyone who has an investment in Poinciana, from individual homeowners whose homes are their largest investment, to developers whose livelihood and future depends on the growth and development of Poinciana.  Some of our members own vacant lots in one or more of the villages and are planning to build a home, and others will retire here. Every one of the members of the Association of Poinciana Villages depends on fellow voters in their village to vote for representatives that will speak for the majority and do what is best for the community as a whole.

Poinciana has witnessed firsthand how important it is to have a knowledgeable and insightful Board of Directors. Without their vision for the future we would have never seen the enormous amount of advancements in Poinciana that we have experienced in the past five years. Having a Board of Directors who could envision the future of Poinciana has led us to the amazing partnership that was created with Osceola County in the renovations of Vance Harmon Park and the Building of the Mary Jane Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center, as well as a robust LifeStyles program and many other wonderful new amenities that we have today.

The incredible work of our past and present leadership has resulted in a beautiful Community Center that hosts many wonderful events and activities throughout the year. Without the support of your Board of Directors we wouldn’t hear the splashes in the Community Pool and our new APV Fitness Center would not be the non-assessment income source that it is today. None of these advancements would have not been possible without a strong and determined Board of Directors.

These advancements have forever changed the future of Poinciana and prove just how important it is to vote in the February elections.

The polls will be open from 7 AM through 7 PM on Tuesday, February 12. I strongly encourage you to become involved, be a part of your community, and choose wisely as the investment that you have

made in Poinciana depends on it.


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